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We’re off to Mexico

Today the world is at our fingertips. More businesses are becoming global traders and companies in our own backyard are doing business with international clients in ever-increasing numbers.  If it is your good fortune to represent your company or your employer and visit new places you will want to feel comfortable and let your associates in distant lands know that you respect their cultures and ways of behaving.  It’s fun to learn the history, beauty, industry, activities of people who are just as unique as you and I. Take a step out of the box and try new foods, learn a few words of their language, be open to new ways of entertainment and celebration, apply a different method of communication.  Feel comfortable both being a visitor to another country and hosting guests/business associates in your home town.Give your observation and listening skills a workout.  

​You can read a dozen books on most any country yet observing the people and listening to what they have to say—to you and each other—is the real way to get your feet wet and your senses tingling to enjoy your time spent in world destinations.

•    Warm, somewhat soft handshake is customary between both men and women. Men let the women make the first move for a handshake
(Don’t shake hands with a glove on)
•    Men may add the abrazo, the embrace with a few pats on the back 
•    Women friends may embrace lightly or give a kiss on the cheek
•    Titles are important. (Mr./Mrs./Miss – SEÑIOR/SEÑORA/SEÑORITA)
•    Use first names only when invited to do so
•    In public, men should not stand with their hands in their pockets
•    Thumbs up means “yes, good”
•    Business cards should be printed in English on the front and Spanish on the back.

Learn to speak a few words in the native language which in Mexico is Spanish

My name isMe llamo
PleasePor favor
Thank you (very much)(Muchas) Gracias
Excuse mePerdóneme
Good morning/Good eveningBuenas  Días/Buenas noches
You are welcome¡De Nada!
Do you speak English?Hablas Ingles?

Cultural Tips
•    Family is most important. 
•    Business is built through building trust and developing relationships—never rushed. Patience is important
•    Never plan to be on time for social functions. Punctuality is not rigid 
•    Place money/change in a person’s hands, not on the counter
•    Gifts of flowers should be white: not red, yellow or marigolds
•    When planning a trip check for business closings, holidays, and local celebrations
•    Gifts are not expected yet appreciated. Write a thank you note promptly


•    While eating, both hands are kept on the table
•    Accept what is offered as a gesture of hospitality. Try it, you might really like it
•    Traditional toast in Mexico is Salud (Sal-UUD)
​•    Reminder: Mexican food in Mexico may not always taste the same as Mexican food in your country.
•    Prepare to linger at the dining table after the meal is finished.It’s the little things that made a big difference, no matter what country you are in

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