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February 14:  Listening--Wine, Roses, Chocolates

                     Guest:  Victor Robilio Jr. has been elected as the first male president in the Memphis Bar Auxiliary’s history.  Robilio also is president of his late father’s company, Victor L. Robilio Co. Inc., which is an importer and wholesaler of fine wines and spirits. The company has been under Robilio Jr.’s watch since 2000, and his brother, John R. Robilio, also helps run the company.  In addition, Robilio is a published author of books on World War II history as well as a book on wineries around the U.S.  So for Robilio, accepting the bar auxiliary presidency was just one more challenge he said he looked forward to taking on


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January 10:  Thank You notes and showing gratitude

                     Guest:  Judy Burda of JUUDYY Graphic Designs


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